How to Generate Monthly Income using the 7DTE (Weekly) Credit Spread Trade

Generate Consistent Profits Trading on Weekly Expiring SPX Options

JUNE 11th & 13th 2024

Tuesday & Thursday

12PM - 1PM


Al Losada

What you will learn in this webinar?

The 7 DTE trade is what I call the sweet spot of the SPX Credit Spread trades. Other than the 0DTE trade, it is the most consistent money maker for me. You will learn how I trade this including entry, exit and management. I will also share my detailed trade plan.


How to identify the strikes and strike prices you will use

Uncover how to read charts and leverage historical data to identify strike prices for 7 DTE trades. Learn how to assess and manage the impact of market volatility on option premiums.


How many contracts and expiration periods should be used for 7 DTE.

Dive into the impact of varying trade sizes and expiration date selection when engaging in 7 DTE trading. Understand which expiration date should be used for a particular position size and the right trade size for the right option strikes.


How best to mitigate a 7DTE that is threatened

Learn the various strategies and tactics to protect your capital when trading 7 DTE. Develop a comprehensive risk mitigation strategy that limits losses.


Know when to use an Iron Condor or a Vertical

Get guidance and tips on how to recognize the difference between an Iron Condor and Vertical when trading 7 DTE. Learn when to use an Iron Condor versus a Vertical in different market environments.


When not to trade 7DTE (Very important)

Find out how to identify when a 7-day trading opportunity isn’t the right option, and understand how to stay safe and manage your money in situations where a 7DTE trade may not be suitable.


Detailed Broken Wing Butterfly Exit Strategy

Yes, I need this! Save my seat today.


“5% account growth this week thanks to you Al! Giving me hope that I can achieve consistency 👍”

patrick connors

Wow. This has been outstanding. The guidance is realistic and not “pie in the sky” BS like many of the programs I have reviewed.

The risk is real and I know how to manage it now with a plan and have confidence that my trading will be consistent.

Patrick Connors
Francois Harris

Thanks again this is the most comprehensive trading group I’ve come across you have something for every type of trader

Francois Harris

A note from the Instructor


Hi, my name is Al Losada and I have been trading stock and index options for over 10 years.

Before that, I traded stocks and commodities, but I did not find my niche until I fully embraced options trading.

My trading was inconsistent at best but now I trade consistently profitable.

Over the years I perfected my trading strategies and now I only use an handful of strategies that provide a consistent income stream.

I have a strong passion for trading and I am very passionate to see you succeed as well.

There really is no magic bullet that will take you from inconsistent returns to success, but there is a path that will get you there.

If you are willing to learn, commit the time and embrace some basic principles, you will achieve success!

In the end, it really was very simple for me.  I found a handful of strategies that worked over and over again and only traded these strategies.

I now trade big, which should be the goal of every trader that wants to succeed in a big way. 

I look forward to working with you!


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